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Objection to the final decision of the Court of Justice

Objection to the decision of the Court of Justice

Before we discuss how to appeal the decision of Objection to final decision Court of Justice, we should know what the duties of the Court of Justice are? The country’s Administrative Court of Justice has the duty to deal with people’s complaints against officials, organizations, departments and government regulations. This procedure is carried out when […]

Everything you need to know about customs clearance

Customs clearance

Customs clearance has many different steps and issues that will eventually lead to the import of goods from a country into the country. All traders who import a product into the country must clear it from customs to give a legal aspect to their imported products. It should be noted that customs clearance can directly […]

Is failure to issue an invoice considered a violation?

Failure to issue an invoice

Failure to issue an invoice is one of the legal issues that many people are not familiar with the details of and therefore often cannot defend their rights. Invoices are important documents in buying and selling and contain useful information that you will need in the future. Therefore, it is necessary to issue it in […]

Familiarity with the Government penal laws

Government penal laws

Monitoring the market and guilds is one of the most important parts of a country’s economy. If this is not done well, it may cause problems in the market. These problems can be issues such as lack of sex or expensive goods. The Government Penalty Organization is one of the organizations that operates in this […]

Getting to know the Commission of Article 11 of Government Punishments

Article 11 of punishments

One of the most important issues related to the control and direction of the distribution of health and cosmetic products in pharmacies is to pay attention to the issues of Article 11 of punishments . This commission has been approved by the Expediency Council and is of great legal importance. The approval date of this […]

How to track and register the Goods import order at the customs

Goods import order

Registering an order for the import of goods is one of the main and most important steps that every importer of goods to the country must have the necessary information about. This stage is done in order to import different products or goods to the country. Registering an order to import goods has different and […]

Ways and methods of detecting contraband goods

Detection of contraband

When buying a product, many consumers are worried about its being smuggled. This concern is much greater in detecting the smuggling or legality of durable goods such as digital appliances. Therefore, institutions such as customs that are active in the field of import have introduced ways to consumers so that they can check the authenticity […]

Reasons for customs receipts and objections to its additional amounts

Customs receipts

Customs surcharges are one of the cases that people face in customs matters. In this article, we have examined issues such as deduction of customs receipts, customs overpayments, and also objections to customs overpayments. In which centers are customs complaints handled? The role of lawyers in customs disputes is very prominent and important. These lawyers […]

What is the mobile registry and the penalty for violation in the registry plan?

The mobile registry is meant to verify the authenticity of the communication product through a peer-to-peer system. The implementation of this project aims to prevent the entry of smuggled communication goods into the country, including tablets and phones. When a SIM card-compatible device, whether mobile or tablet, cannot be approved in the registry plan and […]

What is the Court of Administrative Justice?

Court of Administrative Justice

Brief introduction of the Administrative Court of Justice Considering the high position of monitoring the good implementation of laws in administrative authorities and guaranteeing the principle of the rule of law as well as guaranteeing the rights of citizens against administrative decisions and actions, according to the duties and tasks of the judiciary in Article […]