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Familiarity with the Government penal laws

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Government penal laws

Monitoring the market and guilds is one of the most important parts of a country’s economy. If this is not done well, it may cause problems in the market. These problems can be issues such as lack of sex or expensive goods. The Government Penalty Organization is one of the organizations that operates in this field in order to control the market. In this article, we will learn about the laws of government punishments and examine them.

A general definition of the government penal organization

The Government Punishment Organization is an organization that pursues and deals with violations related to the market and other issues. In the law of the country, the penal organization is known by several different definitions:

  1. This organization investigates economic and trade violations.
  2. The Punishment Organization is an institution whose task is to deal with the violations that take place in guilds and markets.

All types of violations can be investigated in the government punishment organization, and most of them are violations such as trade union problems and economic violations. The rules and regulations of government punishments are different for each of the mentioned violations. All these rules are clearly found in several chapters in the book of the law.

Government penal laws

What are the most important violations investigated by the Tazirat Organization?

In the laws of government punishments, several models of violations have been brought as major violations and related to the organization of government punishments, which we will examine.

  • One of the most important issues investigated in the Tazirat Organization is the issue of overselling. High selling is one of the most important and major violations that are investigated in this organization.
  • Fraud in sales as well as underselling are other issues that can be investigated as violations in the government penal organization.
  • Hoarding goods or supplying goods outside the legal network and disrupting the order of the market are other violations that are investigated by the government penal organization.
  • One of the issues that can be recognized as a violation during market field inspections by penal officers is the failure to include prices on goods.
  • When the Tazirat inspectors go to the market to investigate, they are obliged to ask the sellers for the invoice as well as the purchase and sale prices, and if this is not available to the seller, it can be considered as a violation.

What legal violations are examined in the penal organization?

Based on what is known as the laws of government punishment, the government punishment organization can intervene in some legal issues, such as having a license to acquire and operate various businesses, and declare violations. For example, if a trade unit does not have a license from its own trade, it can be considered as a violation.

Another issue that is recognized as a violation in the government penal laws is the forced sale of an item to a customer. This violation means that a seller, in exchange for selling a rare product in the market, pressures the customer to buy other products from him, otherwise, that product will not be sold to the customer. This issue can be investigated as an important violation in the government punishment organization.

Everything we need to know about the penal organization!

The Government Punishment Organization is affiliated to the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran. This organization is one of the reference organizations for dealing with all kinds of violations, including trade and economic violations. It is mentioned in the laws of government punishments that people can complain to the organization about all trade unions. Also, the inspectors of the organization can discover all kinds of violations in the market during intrusive visits and deal with them.

This organization was formed in the 1960s, precisely in 1362, in the midst of the war imposed by Iraq on Iran. This organization was formed in order to investigate the market and deal with hoarders and high sellers in order not to cause problems in the supply and supply of basic goods. Initially, committees were formed under the supervision of the Ministry of Interior, which later became organizations with the approval of government penal laws.

The government punishment laws were approved in two phases including 1367 and 1373. After the approval of these laws, the government punishment organization was obliged to intervene in issues such as union, high-selling and health problems and investigate violations so that problems do not arise for the people in the market.

Punishment laws and familiarity with them

Many laws have been passed in connection with the government penal organization during the past years and since its establishment. Government punishment laws were updated over the years according to the specific needs of each era in order to meet the needs of the society. If we want to name the most important law that has been approved for the penal organization, we can mention the law of March 1367.

Punishment laws are defined in several chapters in the book of law, the most important of which are the definition of offenses and also the matters that the government punishment organization should deal with. For example, all the violations mentioned in the previous paragraphs are mentioned in this law.

Government penal laws

How to file a complaint with the government sanctions organization?

There are different ways to file a complaint against the offending trade unions, all of which are related to the penal organization according to the penal laws of the government. If we want to name the methods, we can mention the following ways:

  • If you want to file a complaint against a trade union for a violation, you can register your complaint in person at the Tazeerat Organization.
  • Another way you can report violations and file a complaint is by calling 135.
  • The State Penitentiary Organization has a public complaint website where you can report any violations and complaints and be sure they will be investigated.

By using these methods, you can report any complaints and notices of violations to the Punishment Organization so that the necessary measures can be taken to investigate them as soon as possible.

last word

According to the laws of state punishment, the state punishment organization is responsible for many tasks. If these laws and duties are done well with the help of people, they can end up improving the market situation and not creating problems such as overselling and underselling. In this article from Dadista Law Institute, we tried to examine the most important laws and duties of this organization along with ways to communicate with it. If you need a lawyer specialized in this field in government punishment cases, you can get help from the lawyers of Dadista Law Firm.

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What is the most important task of the government penal organization?
The Government Punishment Organization is responsible for many tasks, the most important of which is to investigate people's complaints and violations related to guilds and wholesalers.
What are the ways to file a complaint in the government penal organization?
There are many ways to file a complaint in the State Penalty Organization, the most important of which are visiting in person, filing a complaint on the organization's website, and calling 135.
In what issues can the government penal organization intervene?
All trade violations, including overselling, hoarding sex, underselling, and forcing a customer to buy a sex, especially in exchange for selling a rare sex, are issues that the government punishment organization can investigate.

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