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Ways and methods of detecting contraband goods

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Detection of contraband

When buying a product, many consumers are worried about its being smuggled. This concern is much greater in detecting the smuggling or legality of durable goods such as digital appliances. Therefore, institutions such as customs that are active in the field of import have introduced ways to consumers so that they can check the authenticity of legal goods. In this article, we will try to collect and provide you with the most comprehensive information on how to identify contraband, so stay with us.

What kind of goods is contraband?

In general, if the import and export of a product is legally prohibited or if it is bought and sold without complying with the legal conditions, that product is considered a contraband product. That is, if the goods have not been imported into the customs, this discussion is included.

All kinds of contraband

The law provides a classification for types of smuggled goods as follows:

Human: International law provides two concepts for human trafficking. One of these concepts is related to the illegal transfer of people for profit and the other is their illegal transfer by force and for slavery.
Precious metals: The legal export and import of gold, silver and platinum metals is possible only with the Central Bank receipt and according to the money and credit regulations.
Petroleum products: Every year, a large amount of fuel and petroleum products are exported from the country, the reason for which is the profit from their different prices among different countries.
Cars: Any type of car that does not have traffic regulations and is imported into the country is considered a contraband.

Tea and some agricultural products: The tea import license is only for tea that is mixed with domestic samples and then sold.
Tobacco: The lack of production of tobacco products such as tobacco and cigarettes in the country is the main reason for their smuggling.
Currency: Globally recognized currencies and all foreign payment instruments fall into this category.
Weapons and ammunition: the great danger of this type of goods for the country’s security has caused its entry to be banned.

Satellite equipment: receiver, LNB, antenna and other similar products are considered contraband.
Wood products: Wood and coals obtained from trees without transport permit are contraband.
Marine products: The transfer of aquatic resources can only be done for the purpose of research or with a fisheries permit.
Some animals: export and import of wild, rare animals and birds of prey are considered to be contraband.
Medicines: Import and export of this type of goods is possible only with the approval of the Ministry of Health.
Cultural and historical works: All historical objects of national value are non-negotiable.
Alcoholic beverages: Any kind of transaction of these goods and their possession is considered a crime.

Detection of contraband

What is the correct way to detect contraband?

The detection of contraband is important in many cases; Because some goods that we come across while shopping have been smuggled into the country. There are ways to easily detect whether a legal or illegal product inquiry is being made.

The first way, which is also the easiest, is to dial the command code *4*7777. After dialing this code, you must select the comprehensive warranty system option and then the warranty inquiry. After that, by entering the tracking number, information about whether the product is original or fake will be displayed for you. The tracking number is a unique code that can be seen on the packaging of each product. If you want to check the mobile phone, write the IMEI code of the phone in that field.

In another way, you can use the comprehensive trading system software. This software is available in different app markets. Integration and easier access to business services are among the goals of providing a comprehensive business system.

The comprehensive warranty system is considered another tool for detecting smuggled goods. To use this system, you can go to the website and enter the product guarantee authenticity inquiry section. Then by entering the tracking number, he saw the inquiry of that product. In this way, smuggled goods can be distinguished from the original.

Among the other facilities available on the Iran GS site, we can mention the presence of brand introduction and guarantees section. The brands and guarantees introduced in this system are valid examples that are continuously monitored and controlled by the Organization for the Protection of the Rights of Consumers and Producers.

Can the goods without a tracking code be tracked?

In addition to some products that have a tracking code, 38 product groups still do not have a tracking code. Meanwhile, interception and detection of contraband of these types of groups can also be done in other ways. These products have purchase and sale documents registered in the comprehensive trade system. By using the documents of the deposited product, it can be seen that the goods are hoarded or that the documents have not been registered in the system. Also, if the goods are sold to unrelated people, this issue can be realized.

The difference between the product ID and tracking code

ID is a code that is given to each product individually. In some cases, after the ID of the goods is issued, a counter called a tracking code must also be assigned to them. Products whose number and types are very large, such as chocolate, paper towels, etc., do not need a tracking code.

Detection of contraband


Today, the detection of contraband has become a concern for consumers. According to the law, these types of goods are classified, and anyone who imports and exports these types of goods has committed a crime. There are many ways to inquire about the legitimacy of a product. Using the code 4*7777, using the comprehensive warranty system, the software of the comprehensive trade system are among the ways that can determine whether the product is legal or smuggled.

So the best and safest way will definitely be customs clearance. A customs lawyer is the only person who can help you in reviewing customs cases. In this regard, you can get advice from specialized lawyers at Dadista Law Firm.

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Is buying contraband considered a crime?
In some cases, yes, but usually there is no problem to buy this product.
How to recognize contraband?
There are three solutions to detect contraband. The first way, which is also very simple, is to dial the code 4*7777 and enter the ID in the product inquiry field. In the following ways, you can use the comprehensive warranty system or the comprehensive trade system software.
What is the product ID?
The ID is a code that every imported and exported product has. After the ID is assigned to each product, the exporter and importer can enter it into the product ID system and get a unique ID for their brand.
What is the criterion of the comprehensive system of customs affairs in determining whether goods are smuggled?
The comprehensive system of customs affairs pays attention to the electronic information entered in the system, and this information is the criterion for detecting smuggled goods. Today, paper green permits are no longer issued and have been replaced by electronic tracking codes.

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