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How to track and register the Goods import order at the customs

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Goods import order

Registering an order for the import of goods is one of the main and most important steps that every importer of goods to the country must have the necessary information about. This stage is done in order to import different products or goods to the country. Registering an order to import goods has different and sometimes difficult steps. This confuses exporters. Therefore, in this article, we intend to teach you everything you need to know about this.

Getting to know the registration of import orders

People who are active in the field of trade and import of goods, are required to go through steps so that their imported goods to the country find a legal aspect. Therefore, they have not only imported legal goods into the country; They will also be exempted from paying fines and penalties. Therefore, it can be inferred that the purpose of registering an order for the import of goods is a set of measures that traders take to legalize the import of their goods to the country.

For example, traders are required to obtain the necessary documents and permits from the Ministry of Commerce. In recent years, in order to obtain a license to register an order to import goods, businessmen had to appear in person at one of the branches of the Trade Development Organization and present the required documents in order to successfully clear the goods from customs; But in the past years, measures have been devised according to which these steps will be done completely electronically with the help of the Internet system.

Goods import order

Getting to know the comprehensive trading system

As much as obtaining a commercial card is important for exporting and importing goods to the country, it is also important to register an order for importing goods. Today, a special internet system has been unveiled to register such an order, which will eliminate many problems for applicants. This system, which is known as the comprehensive trade system, has made it possible to place orders for imported goods.

All people who intend to import goods into the country should first visit this website and after registration, register their imported goods. Of course, it should be noted that the registration of the import order was only one of the services of this system, and with the help of the comprehensive trading system, you can receive product ID, public services, answer questions, etc. This system has been available to users since 2017.

Procedures for registering an order for the import of goods through the comprehensive trading system

Now that you are familiar with the comprehensive trade system and its important role in registering the order of imported goods, you need to learn the steps of registering the order of importing goods through this system. If you are not familiar with these steps, you will not be able to complete your order successfully and you will encounter various errors.

Training to place an order on the comprehensive trading system website

– First, refer to the comprehensive trading system. Click on the login option and enter your username and password. If you have not registered in this system, you need to complete your registration first.
– To place an order for the import of goods, you must click on the “current role” option on the left and top of the page and then select the legal merchant option. Now, from the right side of the screen and from the basic operation field, click on the file management option.
– Click on the new option to pave the way for you to register a new order.

– On the new page, you must enter your pre-invoice information in full. After selecting the external vendor ID, enter the next step.
– On the new page, enter all the information of the foreign seller. If the seller’s information is not registered in the system, you need to select “Foreign Trade” to obtain an ID for the foreign seller you are considering.
– You must enter all the items mentioned in your transport contract.
– On the next page, shipping information will be displayed.

– In this section, you need to enter your banking and financial information. This information can be about the pre-invoice amount, discount amount, transportation costs, etc.
– Now, on the new page, you will be allowed to register the import order.
– After paying the goods fee, you will be given an 8-digit code. With the help of this code, you can track your registered goods.

The documents required to register the goods order in the comprehensive trading system

If the applicants intend to complete the various stages of registration of imported goods, it is necessary to obtain information about the documents required for this work. Going through the process of registering an order for imported goods depends on having the required documents. Among these documents, the following can be mentioned:

– Business Cards
– All the documents that prove the legality of goods entering the country.
– Obtaining the necessary permits from the required authorities (Agricultural Jihad, Ministry of Health, Atomic Energy, etc.) in order to prevent the entry of smuggled goods
– Submit the original and copy of the proforma
– Submission of order registration documents
– invoice
– Catalog or brochure to introduce the product

Goods import order

The costs of registering an order for the import of goods

One of the main concerns of traders and businessmen regarding the registration of import orders is the costs of doing this work. As we mentioned in the previous section, the last stage of placing an order for imported goods is paying the fee for that item. If this fee is not paid, the order registration process will not be completed.

The question that arises for most people is how much will this cost be? In response, it should be noted that the cost of placing an order for importing goods or the fee is equal to half a percent of the total value of the goods. The following formula is used to calculate this value:

(Amount of currency mentioned in the total pre-invoice × exchange rate) ÷ 2000 = amount of commission received from the merchant


One of the most important steps facing the importers of goods to the country is the registration of the import order. In addition to legalizing the import of goods, this step will also prevent traders from being fined. In the past, to register an order for imported goods, they had to go to one of the offices of the Trade Development Organization; But today, in order to do this, you can refer to the comprehensive trade system and after registration, you can complete the order registration process for imported goods. The amount of fee received for doing this work is also half percent of the value of the goods.

Of course, in case of any problem, you are allowed to complain about the customs to the Administrative Court of Justice to get your rights in these cases.

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What is the system in which you can place the order?
To place an order for imported goods, you must visit the comprehensive trade system at
How much will it cost to register an import order?
The cost of placing an order for imported goods is the same for all goods and is equal to half a percent of their total value.
What documents are required to register the order?
Commercial card, order registration code, pre-invoice, order registration papers, legal import permits and product catalog are the main documents that are needed to order goods.

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