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What is the mobile registry and the penalty for violation in the registry plan?

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The mobile registry is meant to verify the authenticity of the communication product through a peer-to-peer system. The implementation of this project aims to prevent the entry of smuggled communication goods into the country, including tablets and phones.

When a SIM card-compatible device, whether mobile or tablet, cannot be approved in the registry plan and does not receive the service license from the peer system, it will only work for 30 days and can receive the desired service from domestic operators. After the end of one month, this device will become unusable.

What is IMEI ID?

Surely we all have heard about MEI ID or seen it on the mobile pack. This identifier is derived from the term International Mobile Equipment Identity. This term means International ID and Mobile Identification.

Each mobile phone has a unique number identifier that makes the phone in question different from other phones.

IMEI is a standard 14-digit number with the 15th digit used to verify the entire string. “The main reason for coding is to identify each mobile device by its unique number.”

In some cases, the 16th digit provided contains information related to the software of the mobile phone, known as IMEISV.

In fact, this feature is similar to the number plate of a car. The IMEI ID is separate from your SIM card number and cannot be changed.

When connected to a network, both numbers are recorded to activate the service. If your phone is stolen or lost, you can contact your operator and find it. If you are not aware of the capabilities of this code, you must keep the phone code in a safe place. You can register the code as printed.

What is a mobile registry?

As we have already mentioned, the Peer-to-Peer System registry plan is designed to implement the registration of devices that have a SIM card. In fact, the mobile registry site has been launched to fight the mobile phone smuggling system. This project aims to support the legal import of these devices and their users.

In the mobile registry plan, only mobile phones that enter Iran through customs are activated. That’s why IMEI is needed.

The registry plan of the peer-to-peer system as a service provider and management of communication equipment. This system is designed to register mobile phones. On the site, the phone registry is defined for each SIM card device. This SIM card belongs to the owner of the registered device. Among other services of this system, we can mention ownership transfer, authenticity inquiry, etc.

Why should a registry plan be implemented?

The cell phone registry scheme has important advantages which are mentioned below:

1- First of all, the implementation of this plan will make the import of mobile phones legal and only with the use of proper after-sales services and a valid warranty. Despite this plan, if any problems occur, buyers can follow up on the defects of the purchased devices in a completely legal way.

2- The second advantage that the mobile registry plan has for consumers is that mobile devices that are imported into the country must undergo SAR testing in a completely mandatory manner. Based on this test, it is determined whether the imported phones have the permitted amount of radiation or not. With these interpretations, input devices are sampled and placed under the control and supervision of regulations and radio communications.

3- In addition, the implementation of the registry plan is considered as an income for the government. The government can make money by importing mobile phones through customs. Another point related to the implementation of this plan is to prevent the import of fake and low-quality phones. It is no longer possible for fake brands to enter and the phones in the market are of high quality.

What is the penalty for violating the mobile registry scheme?

Bypassing the registry plan is considered a crime. It is interesting to know that all the interactions related to the devices that use SIM cards are constantly reviewed by the system for investigating violations of the registry plan. If any kind of unusual or suspicious behavior takes place, it will be determined in the shortest possible time in a completely systematic way without human intervention. If the violation is found, appropriate action will be taken without wasting time.

Samane Hemta advises mobile phone buyers to inquire about authenticity by calling *#7777 before buying the device, in order to avoid harm. It is necessary to mention the brand and model and when you receive the answer to the query, match it with the model and brand of the desired device. If you see any discrepancy, it is better to stop buying.

Fixing judicial problems in the mobile registry

If you encounter legal problems while registering your mobile phone, you can solve these problems through a customs lawyer.

Some people may buy mobile phones without knowing about the fake one without ID. These people will surely lose a lot of money if they go to the Organization for the Protection of Consumers and Producers’ Rights and the Government Punishment Organization to register and file a complaint for the realization of their lost rights.

According to Article 33 of the Law on Combating Goods and Currency Smuggling, as well as Clauses A and B of Article 6 of the Computer Crimes Law, anyone who commits falsification of the mobile phone ID (IMEI) will be recognized as a criminal and will be prosecuted.

“The punishments intended for these people are in the form of cash and imprisonment; That is, the perpetrators of the crime will be imprisoned for 1 to 5 years and fined in the amount of 20 to 100 million Rials based on the actions they have performed.”

Registry scheme rules for travel mobiles

One of the questions that is always raised next to the mobile registry plan is what is the role of travel mobile phones? At the beginning, you should know that all mobile devices of different brands are allowed to enter the country; But according to the customs rules, each passenger can only bring one mobile device into the country.

Most of the imports of mobile devices are related to those who have a license from the Ministry of Industry or have a commercial card. In fact, the entry of travel mobile phones into the country is in two modes. First of all, there are people who stay in Iran for less than 30 days. These people do not need to pay customs fees. This is because in this period, which is called the gray era, telecommunication and mobile services will not be included.

“If a person intends to give the desired mobile phone as a gift or intends to stay for more than 30 days, he must pay customs duties.”

Consultation with a lawyer to solve mobile registry problems

Registration will face crimes and problems like any other issue. People may have problems when buying and selling or registering or importing mobile phones. Considering the newness of this law, surely you don’t know much about these things. If you intend to refer to legal centers for any issue related to the registry, it is necessary to consult a professional and expert lawyer in this field.

Dadista Group, by having experienced and expert lawyers, allows you to choose the right path in proceeding with the case related to the registry. Due to the novelty of this issue, sellers and importers of mobile phones may make inadvertent mistakes. If you go to court without consulting a lawyer, there is a high possibility that you will be convicted.

Due to their up-to-date knowledge in the field of judicial affairs, Dadista Law Firm will help you in this way and increase the chances of winning the case; Therefore, in case of any kind of problem in this field, it is better to benefit from the advice of professional lawyers of this group and make the most of it. Experience has shown that legal advice increases people’s chances of success.

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What is a registry plan?
The Peer-to-Peer System Registry Plan is carried out with the aim of registering devices that have a SIM card and checks the authenticity of the communication product.
What is IMEI ID?
IMEI is a standard 14-digit number with the 15th digit used to verify the entire string. The main reason for coding is to identify each mobile device by its unique number.
What is the law of the registry plan for travel mobiles?
If the person intends to give the desired mobile phone as a gift or intends to stay for more than 30 days, she must pay customs duties.

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