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Some simple methods to identify fake and Counterfeit banknote

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Counterfeit banknote

Counterfeit banknote are one of the ways of fraud and it can happen to any of us. Being familiar with ways to spot counterfeit money is a big help in avoiding falling into the trap of counterfeiting. In this article, we review the features of counterfeit money and the different ways of counterfeit money.

Also, at the end, we will see what punishment is provided by the law for printing counterfeit money and using it, and what to do with it if we come across counterfeit money.

Characteristics of counterfeit banknotes

Throughout history, one of the constant problems of central banks in different countries has been dealing with counterfeiters. For this reason, governments use complex technologies to print money to make it difficult for counterfeiters to print bills that are similar to real bills.

However, the problem has not been completely solved and despite all the efforts of the central bank, there are still professional counterfeiters who print high-quality fake banknotes that bear an uncanny resemblance to the original ones.

But the good news is that no matter how similar these bills are to the original bills, they still have differences from the original bills, and this is how they can be identified. This is because, to prevent the spread of counterfeit money, governments print original banknotes with various features that make it more difficult to copy.

What counterfeiters do is to copy a few of these features to near original quality.

But it is almost impossible for a counterfeiter to copy all the features of original money with the same quality. For this reason, if you are familiar with these features and know how to check a banknote for genuine or fake, there is a good chance that you will never fall prey to counterfeit bills and lose your capital that way.

If we want to summarize the characteristics of fake money, we should mention these things:

– Poor quality paper
– Faded or overly bright colors
– Low resolution images on money
– Non-standard dimensions of the banknote
– Irregular framing on the edge of the banknote
– Abnormal spacing of numbers in the serial number
– No watermark
– Not having a security thread

Ways to identify and recognize Counterfeit banknote

Since common currencies have different security features, there are also different ways to identify counterfeit money. Here are some tips to help you avoid accepting fake money instead of real money:

The image of the face on the money

One of the easiest ways to recognize a fake banknote is to pay close attention to the portrait on the money. In real banknotes, the portrait image is printed with very high detail and resolution. Also, the details of the face are clear. But in counterfeit money, this image usually has one or more flaws.

For example, the color of the face may be different from the color of the real banknotes, or the details of the face may not be very clear, or the image may appear blurry in general.

The quality of printing the writings on the money

In all banknotes, writings related to the central bank, the amount of money, as well as the signature of the Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance can be seen. In real money these writings are written quite clearly and neatly; But in fake banknotes, you may see that the color of these writings is not the same, or the height of the letters is shifted, or the central bank logo is printed in a poor quality.

The quality of signatures is another thing that you should pay attention to. The crime of forging a signature is also committed when forging a banknote.

On counterfeit money, unlike real money, signatures may appear blurry or with thicker lines than normal.

Counterfeit banknote

Framing and dimensions of the banknote

All real banknotes are printed with specific dimensions and their accuracy is within millimeters. Also, each banknote has a specific framing and the images on it are printed on the money in a specific order. In counterfeit money, the dimensions of the banknote paper may differ by a few millimeters from the original banknote.

Sometimes it also happens that the fake banknote has an unusual framing. For example, its margin lines are crooked or extra empty space is seen on the banknote margin.

How to insert the serial number

The serial number is the same red numbers that are inserted on the left and right sides of the banknote. In fake banknotes, the numbers of the serial number are not equally spaced. One or more numbers may be more distant than other numbers. Or the color of the two serial numbers may be drastically different from each other.

The type of paper money

One of the biggest challenges for printing counterfeit money is obtaining high-quality paper. Most of us, dealing with paper money in our daily life, can recognize real money just by the touch of its paper. In fake money, the paper is different from real money both in terms of thickness and texture, and this is one of the main ways to identify fake money.

Money security thread

“The security thread is the shiny thread that runs through the middle of the money. This thread is usually seen in a cut state, but when you hold it up to the light, you will see that it is a smooth and even line that has passed through the middle of the money.

Counterfeit banknote

In counterfeit money, this thread is different in color or luster from the real money and is cut into pieces.

Banknote watermark

A watermark is the image you see when you hold money up to the light. This image is usually on the white side of the bill and is usually the portrait on the money. Even if they can print a similar watermark on a fake banknote, its quality and elegance cannot be compared with the original money watermark.

What is the penalty for Counterfeiting?

Printing and using counterfeit money is considered a crime in the law and relatively heavy punishment is considered for it. According to Article 526 of the Islamic Penal Code (sanctions and deterrent punishment), the punishment for counterfeiting money is as follows:

“Anyone who uses current domestic or foreign bank notes or bank documents such as bills of exchange accepted by banks or checks issued by banks and other binding bank documents as well as documents or securities or remittances issued by the treasury with the intention of disrupting the monetary, banking or economic situation or If he forges or enters the country to disrupt the system and political and social security, or knowingly uses it to be fake, if he is not recognized as a corrupt and warring party, he will be sentenced to five to twenty years in prison.

Who is punished for forgery?

According to the punishment for counterfeiting money mentioned in the above legal article, this punishment includes people who print money. Also, knowing that the banknote is counterfeit is also punishable. You should note that this law is valid for both domestic and foreign currencies, and the printing of common currencies such as dollars can also face this punishment. In some cases, if the court determines that the forger has forged and used counterfeit banknotes with the aim of attacking the country’s system, it may issue the death sentence for the criminal on the charge of corrupting the land.

In any case, if you come across a fake banknote in any way, it is better to contact an experienced criminal lawyer as soon as possible and take advantage of his help. Dadista Law Firm is a professional and experienced authority in the field of pursuing all kinds of legal claims, and criminal cases are considered one of its branches. By contacting the legal experts of Dadista Group, use the best and most experienced criminal lawyers in this field.

What should we do with this money after detecting a Counterfeit banknote?

If you can recognize a fake bill, the most important thing to do is to avoid spending it. Because as soon as you find out about the fact that the banknote is fake, if you spend it, you will be considered a criminal and the punishment for counterfeiting money will also include your situation.

Therefore, if you know where and by whom you received the fake banknote, you can pursue the matter through the judicial authorities and compensate your losses with the help of a criminal lawyer. Because in order to prove the crime of a person who has used a fake banknote, you must provide court-friendly evidence to prove that the person in question knew that the banknote was fake and used it with the intention of fraud.

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What are the characteristics of counterfeit money?
The use of low-quality paper, faded or too bold colors, low resolution of the images on the money, non-standard dimensions of the banknote, irregular framing on the edge of the banknote, unusual distance between the numbers in the serial number, no watermark and no security thread are the characteristics of fake money.
What is the penalty for forgery?
According to Article 526 of the Islamic Penal Code, if the person is not known to be a corrupt person, he will be sentenced to imprisonment from five to twenty years.
What should we do with this money after it is recognized as fake?
If you can spot a fake bill, the most important thing to do is to avoid spending it. Because as soon as you find out about the fact that the banknote is fake, if you spend it, you will be considered a criminal and the punishment for counterfeiting money will also include your situation.

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