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The crime of carrying and keeping weapons and all types of firearms

Carrying a weapon

According to Iranian law, carrying weapons without a license and illegally is considered a crime. This punishment will be different according to the type of illegal weapon and how it is used. Are you familiar with the definition and types of cold weapons, ammunition and firearms? Do you know Carrying a weapon? Or are you […]

What is check forgery and the penalty for check signature forgery?

check forgery

In this article from Dadista, while answering the question of what are the penalties for check forgery, we take a detailed and technical look at the issue of check forgery and examine this violation from various aspects. We will also see how to identify a fake check and not fall into the trap of fraudsters. […]

Passport forgery + punishment for using a fake passport

Passport is one of the necessary documents for leaving the country and entering other countries. It doesn’t matter if the destination country is near or far from the country of origin, this document is needed to enter any country. That is why passport forgery has become one of the most frequent crimes from the past […]

Some simple methods to identify fake and Counterfeit banknote

Counterfeit banknote

Counterfeit banknote are one of the ways of fraud and it can happen to any of us. Being familiar with ways to spot counterfeit money is a big help in avoiding falling into the trap of counterfeiting. In this article, we review the features of counterfeit money and the different ways of counterfeit money. Also, […]

Types of forgery in the Islamic Penal Code

Types of forgery

Forgery is one of the most common crimes in society, and types of forgery include material forgery and spiritual forgery. Also, the punishments for forgery include fines and imprisonment. Counterfeiters often do this to cheat. In this way he earns a lot of money. In addition to normal purposes, it is also possible to forge […]

What is the punishment and crime of using a fake document?

سند مجعول

One of the most common and important legal problems is the use of forged documents in legal cases and, accordingly, the need for advice and a lawyer to execute the crime of document forgery. In the Islamic Penal Code, the forgery of a document and its use are considered fraudulent actions. Changing the contents of […]

Investigating methods of forgery proof

Forgery proof

With the use of fake documents and following that, efforts to prove forgery have been prevalent since ancient times. First of all, one should understand the literal meaning of forgery and then understand the types of forgery and the legal stages of its proof. The literal meaning of the word forgery in the common language […]

What is the crime of unauthorized listening?

eavesdropping crime

Eavesdropping conversations is considered a crime due to the violation of human rights in Iran and other countries, and the law has set a penalty for it. Due to the fact that today a high percentage of people around the world use new technologies for communication, the number of eavesdropping crimes has increased a lot. […]

What is phishing? | Different types of phishing

In recent years, the use of the Internet and the smart and digital world has increased a lot. So that nowadays the simplest human tasks can be done in a few seconds using the internet and a simple mobile phone; But this digital world, along with the unique possibilities for more well-being, comes with disadvantages […]