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شهرزاد راد

Shahrazad Yamini Rad

Lawyer trainee

Shehrzad Yemini Rad is an attorney trainee, a master of private law from the University of Tehran with a 10-year legal experience in the field of information technology law, and I am currently working as a lawyer at Dadista International Law and Arbitration Institute.

A client’s memory and comment:

I remember that in a case that was raised by one of the children of the martyrs of the Information Technology Organization in the Court of Administrative Justice regarding the formalization of this contract force, and it had been going on for years, with my actions and follow-up, a judgment was issued against them and we succeeded in clearing all the arrears. Let’s receive these 13 years that were not given to them because they were under contract.

My clients’ opinion regarding me as their lawyer: follow-up, empathy, order and continuity and quick response to the client from the beginning of receiving the case to the process of handling and the final termination of the case.

Expertise and abilities:

I am an intern at Shahrazad Yemini Rad, specializing in tax cases and the Administrative Court of Justice, and after years of continuous work and gaining the necessary experience at Dadista Law Firm, I have become one of the professional lawyers in these fields.

As one of the lawyers serving in Dadista, I am with my esteemed clients with a lot of follow-up until the result is achieved, and I will not leave my client alone in answering, following up, or continuously attending counseling sessions or the court under any circumstances.

Client Comments

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