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محمدحسین رزاقی نژاد

Mohammad Hossein Razzaghinejad

Serjeant at Law

I am Mohammad Hossein Razzaqinejad, lawyer and a graduate of Tehran Azad University, I have 4 years of experience as a professional lawyer in legal, criminal and family cases, and I have the honor of continuous cooperation with Dadista International Law and Arbitration Institute for about 3 years.

Expertise and abilities:

Commitment, follow-up, responsibility and providing periodic reports on the progress of the case to the client are among the most important professional principles of my servant in the path of achieving the client’s rights.

Lawyer Mohammad Hossein Razzaqinejad, licensed as a lawyer from the Bar Association and a member of the legal group of Dadista International Institute; He has dedicated a major part of his professional activity to criminal lawsuits such as fraud, sale of other’s property, treason, transaction with the intention of escaping from religion, forgery and use of forged documents, and aggressive seizure; Also, in the field of legal claims, he has a professional record of representing in claims centered on contracts, obligations and requirements outside of the contract in his work record.

Family lawsuits, including divorce, dowry and custody claims, are among his professional activities and have achieved many successes in this field.

How to do the job:

The client’s work is carried out in such a way that first, during the preliminary meeting and obtaining the necessary explanations from the client, the case is examined in a specialized manner, if there is a defect in the documents and information of the person, the meeting is renewed and in the second preliminary meeting, while reviewing and comparing the documents regarding the case Comments are made. Lawyer Mohammad Hossein Razzaghinejad, after discussing and reviewing the details in the final session, draws a clear and true perspective of the proceedings, the judicial process and the possible success rate. Also, if the case is under investigation and needs to be reviewed and studied, the case will be studied before providing an expert opinion. Of course, this requires the granting of power of attorney only with the authority to study the case in judicial authorities. In the end, considering the documents and legal capacities, if it is possible to file a lawsuit or an effective defense, Dadista Institute will register the client’s contract with the opinion of lawyer Mohammad Hossein Razakinejad.

Recently, a person came to me whose mother had filed a lawsuit against him to demand the price of the property that was inherited in 2006 after the death of the heir. The share of the wife’s inheritance (that is, before March 2007) was done. While he was anxious and worried, he asked me to take on the task of defending him. After examining the aspects of the matter and the laws governing this lawsuit, I informed him that the lawsuit will be invalidated due to the non-retroactivity rule in your case and the presence of a lawyer in your hearing is unnecessary. About two weeks later, the court verdict was issued as predicted and was communicated to them.

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