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مجید زیبدی

Majid Zibdi

Serjeant at Law

Majid Zibadi graduated from Tehran University in 1369 and is currently a doctoral researcher in private law. Before working as a lawyer, he worked with various departments and organizations for 8 years. I am engaged in this profession. I believe that teamwork leads to speed and precision in work, and therefore I have started working with Dadista Law Firm since 2017. At Dadista Law Firm, our main focus is speed, accuracy and trustworthiness.

Expertise and abilities:

Lawyer Majid Zibedi, as it was said, I have 23 years of legal experience, among which, I have been a legal expert for 8 years in prestigious offices, organizations and important institutions.

My area of specialization is legal and commercial litigations, drafting all kinds of contracts, cases in the field of natural resources, urban land and municipality, and I have spent most of my time as a lawyer in such cases.

At Dadista Law Firm, I am more willing to accept cases in my specialized field, and in the meantime, I also work as a consultant alongside clients and other lawyers.


Lawyer Majid Zibedi, a basic lawyer of a court, has 23 years of experience as a lawyer in all kinds of lawsuits, and I am currently a doctoral researcher at the university.

I have been working professionally with Dadista Law Firm for several years, and under the management of Mr. Rofegar Haq, I have adapted to the system of this group and completed many cases under the supervision of Dadista Law Firm.

The success rate of lawyer Majid Zibedi’s cases has a significant figure of over 80%, and one of the main reasons for this institution’s cooperation with him is this high success rate.

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