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Objection to the final decision of the Court of Justice

Objection to the decision of the Court of Justice

Before we discuss how to appeal the decision of Objection to final decision Court of Justice, we should know what the duties of the Court of Justice are? The country’s Administrative Court of Justice has the duty to deal with people’s complaints against officials, organizations, departments and government regulations. This procedure is carried out when […]

What is the Court of Administrative Justice?

Court of Administrative Justice

Brief introduction of the Administrative Court of Justice Considering the high position of monitoring the good implementation of laws in administrative authorities and guaranteeing the principle of the rule of law as well as guaranteeing the rights of citizens against administrative decisions and actions, according to the duties and tasks of the judiciary in Article […]

The first exemption related to the workshop exemption law

Exemption of workshops

What do you know about the exemption law for workshops with less than 5 people? What is the workshop exemption law? This law was approved for the first time in 1361 AH in connection with workshops that have technical and industrial production activities. What is the exemption law for workshops with less than 5 people? […]

Investigating the way of marketing of reputable foreign law firms

بازاریابی موسسات حقوقی

A comparative study of several reputable foreign legal institutions and websites, such as ELI, ALI, LIV, etc., shows that the majority of these institutions use a method and code entitled: Law Firm Marketing Comprehensive Guide Of they do The function of this comprehensive guide, which is a combination of digital marketing methods, SEO, blogging and […]

Step-by-step follow-up of the complaint of the Administrative Court of Justice

شکایت دیوان عدالت اداری

The Administrative Court can be considered as a authority where all people can raise their complaints against the government. Therefore, this court can be considered as an administrative court. In other words, whenever a person has a complaint about the decisions taken or actions taken by the government and its officials, he can refer to […]

Regulations of government punishments

آیین نامه تعزیرات

Today, every person who is somehow involved with the government punishment organization must have complete information about the regulations of punishments and be able to use the information published in this regulation in a good way. This regulation consists of different sections, in each of which specific orders and rules have been published. Be careful […]

The limits of the powers of the Court of Administrative Justice and its jurisdiction

Powers of the Court

Knowing about the powers of the Administrative Court of Justice allows us to perform better in dealing with our legal issues. Divan Court is a judicial authority that was established to deal with complaints and disputes of people with government bodies. In the Administrative Court of Justice, a judge issues the final verdict after reviewing […]

The time required to issue a decision in the Court of Administrative Justice

The Administrative Court is a judicial center in the judiciary and the time of the judgment of the Court is one of the concerns of many people. According to Article 137 of the Constitution, the Court of Justice is established to deal with the objections and complaints of individuals, government departments and institutions. In this […]