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رضا عدالت خواه

Reza Edalat Khah

Sergeant at Law

Reza Edalat Khah is a basic lawyer of a court of law in the specialized area of National Property Lands and Administrative Court. At Dadista, we will provide the best result for you.

Biography and salient features:

I am currently a senior student of economic law at Allameh Tabatabai University, and in addition to my studies, I have 11 years of experience as a lawyer in my case.

The use of legal principles and rules and the up-to-date use of unanimous votes are at the forefront of my work, and following up on the case continuously and informing the head of the branch before the hearing is one of my most important features and strengths.

I am always busy with legal studies and using the opinions of other colleagues about my cases, and one of the secrets of the success of lawyer Reza Adalatkhah is these things.

Expertise and abilities:

Lawyer Reza Edalat Khah has several years of experience as a lawyer in various fields and currently I am specialized in the cases of commercial documents of companies, lands, property, national lands, municipalities and the Administrative Court of Justice.

I have been cooperating with Dadista Law Firm for some time and in more than 90% of the cases received, I have finally brought my client to victory.

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