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مرتضی رحمانی

Morteza Rahmani

Serjeant at Law

Morteza Rahmani is a lawyer of court in the center of Tehran and since 1998 he has been working in the specialized fields of commercial documents and financial claims, which is one of the most common legal claims today.


My name is Morteza Rahmani, a basic lawyer at Tehran Lawyers Center, with a bachelor’s degree in law and three years of legal experience with more than 120 legal, criminal and family cases, with 90% of the votes obtained in favor of the client. During this time, I was a lawyer for several reputable companies and institutions in Tehran, and I have been working for Dadista Law Firm for some time.

A legal memo:

In one of the hearings that was held in the Karaj judiciary, the way I defended and argued led to the fact that although the probability of the result was low in my opinion, the verdict was issued in favor of the client. Since that date, they visit my office in Tehran every time from Karaj and refer the files they have to me.

Expertise and abilities:

My main expertise is drafting contracts, commercial documents and financial claims. Financial disputes, checks, promissory notes and related lawsuits make up most of my cases. Also, I am a lawyer for several construction companies and I supervise contracts and adjust their provisions. The first job of Morteza Rahmani, a basic lawyer, is to study the case and obtain complete information and documents from the client. My first job is always to copy the case and review it completely in order to present the best defense in court. I am always ready for my client’s advice and guidance and I will always give a free consultation. I always think that the case I accept belongs to my brother or sister, so if I am sure that my client is right, I will try my best to reach the desired result.

Steps to do the work:

The first task in advocacy is to fully inform the client about their problem. The powers of the attorney, the provisions of the attorney’s contract, the possible amount of the result, the cost, etc. will all be told to the client at the beginning. The main duty of a lawyer will start before the lawsuit and the court. In one case, my client did not have any documents to collect his claim. I called the other party and invited him to my office, without him realizing that we were empty-handed. I said that an agreement would be the best thing and I was able to collect the client’s demand from them with a meeting minutes.

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