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دکتر علی جمالی

Dr. Ali Jamali

Advocacy Trainee

I am Ali Jamali, Ph.D. in International Law, University Lecturer, Legal Advocacy Trainee, International Trade Law Consultant and Independent Arbitrator at Dadista Law and Arbitration Institute.

Key Features:

One of the things that is very valuable for me in the process of arbitration proceedings is that at the time of concluding the arbitration agreement or even in the process of proceedings, due to the flexible atmosphere and without ritual proceedings in arbitration, I can bring common points closer and create a friendly environment. between the parties, deal with the existing dispute and finally by establishing peace or issuing a rectification report for the end of hostilities, and the parties to the dispute reach the desired result regardless of the process of legal proceedings.

The issue that has occurred several times in my arbitration proceedings and that the desired result is achieved with the establishment of justice and the satisfaction of the parties will be very valuable.

Expertise and abilities:

My specialty is international commercial arbitration and domestic arbitration. I was chosen as an appointed arbitrator by the courts in the arbitration of domestic and international disputes, and I was present in case arbitration courts as the chief arbitrator or special arbitrator. I am active in the field of annulment and enforcement of arbitration awards, both domestic and international, and I have also been teaching international arbitration and public and private international law at Payam Noor and Azad universities since 2015. I was actively present as a referee in different periods of the country’s commercial arbitration competitions.

With regard to the study of international trade law at the master’s level, I provide legal services and consultants to commercial companies or natural persons who have international activities, in concluding contracts or setting up arbitration agreements or resolving disputes arising from commercial exchanges at Dadista Institute.

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