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علیرضا فردی

Alireza Fardi

Lawyer Trainee

I am Alireza Fardi, a trainee lawyer and a member of the Tehran Judiciary Lawyers Center. Thanks to God, I got to know the Dadista International Arbitration Law Group, and considering the goals of this group and strong decisions, I decided to be with this group and I hope to be able to cause To be the progress of justice.

Distinguishing Feature:

I am very interested in legal conflicts with powerful people and I have no fear of such cases. In the same way, I avoid conflicts in cases where the party to the lawsuit is a weak person with all my heart. My slogan, which is my heart’s belief: money is not everything and nothing is more enjoyable for me than getting votes in favor of my client!

A Memory:

One day a gentleman and his wife visited me. His problem was regarding the inheritance and the elder brother of this person had registered all the inheritance in his favor. This person did not have money to pay me and he announced that if I can collect his rights from his brother, he will pay not only my lawyer’s fees but also 20 million Tomans more than my requested amount. I also trusted them and took back their weakened rights from their brother, who was also a very violent person. The interesting thing is that not only their right was taken from their brother himself, but also the lawyer’s fee was paid by the same brother Zorgo!

Expertise and Abilities:

Alireza Fardi’s legal trainee specializes in all kinds of family lawsuits (inheritance, wills, divorce, etc.) and has a long-term experience in these fields.

He has an excellent record of success in more than 90% of family lawsuit cases and has become one of the famous lawyers in this field. Because of this brilliant record, lawyer Alireza Fardi started his cooperation with Dadista Law Firm and is currently considered one of the important lawyers of this collection.

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