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علی روفه گر حق

Ali Roufehgar Haqh

Sergeant at Law

My name is Ali Roufehgar Haqh. I am a basic lawyer and a graduate of Tehran University. I have been working professionally in the Administrative Court of Justice for 15 years. I am currently the director and founder of Dadista International Law and Arbitration Institute.

The purpose of establishing Dadista Law Institute:

The lack of a law firm that is active in all fields, or seeing inefficient lawyers, brought the idea of registering Dadista Law Firm to my mind, and with seriousness and obsession, I invited expert and experienced lawyers to cooperate in various fields, and I am proud to announce Currently, in all different legal, judicial, criminal, arbitration, etc., this institution has first-rate lawyers and is a head and neck above its other competitors.

My specialty is cases related to complaints to the Administrative Court of Justice (such as complaints from customs, municipalities, social security, etc.) and I have a record of success in most of the cases referred to the Administrative Court of Justice.


lawyer Ali Roufehgar Haqh, was born in Tabriz city in August 1357. My father Ismail Rufegar Haq, is karpet fixer in Bazaar of Mozaffaria Tabriz, is a praiser of Ahl al-Bayt Infallibility and Purity. My mother, Soraya Yacoubi Sis, was one of the first women who turned to carpet weaving in the weavers’ group along with farming.

When I was a second-year middle school student, I became interested in entering the legal profession after seeing a TV series that showed how a lawyer could save a defendant from execution. I remain until today and if history repeats itself, I will follow the same path again and I have represented important cases so far.

The late Dr. Bahman Keshavarz considers the life of a lawyer to be very memorable because: “Whenever he is consulted or participates in a court, he is likely to encounter a phenomenon and event that may be completely new, unusual or even unique.” Therefore, he says: “If I want to deal with the long and tense trials and challenges that I have been involved in, it is beyond the scope of this article.”

In my opinion, honesty, the speed of focused follow-up in the legal profession are the most important success factors.

Academic records:

Literary diploma from Ferdowsi School in Tabriz (1376)

Bachelor of Jurisprudence and Fundamentals of Law from Tehran University (2008)

Master’s degree in private law from the science and research department of Azad University (2019)

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