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What should be done in case of registration errors and discrepancies?

Registration errors

According to the researches and reviews, the highest amount of errors in the law belongs to registration errors. Registration error includes issues such as wrongly writing the building size, wrongly writing the desired property number and such issues. Registration errors and discrepancies may occur at several stages during the registration of documents. These mistakes can […]

Conditions and documents required for issuing a duplicate birth certificate

Duplicate birth certificate

Sometimes people may change the information in their birth certificate depending on the circumstances; Such as changing the name, surname, changing the age in the birth certificate, removing the spouse’s name from the birth certificate, etc. However, the validity and value of the birth certificate remain unaffected and it is as important for the individual […]

Age change conditions in birth certificate

Changing the age of birth certificate

Although Changing the age of birth certificate is prohibited; But under certain conditions, people can legally change their birth certificate age and reduce or increase it. In this article, we will examine the legal procedures for age change and we will also see the limits of increasing or decreasing the birth certificate age. Is it […]