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Legal methods of selling common property

What is common property? “Common property is undivided land that is shared between two or more people and the joint owners participate in that property without their ownership being clear.” In fact, it is a shared financial property that is distributed; That is, legally, the shares of the partners are known and certain, but it […]

What is iodine removal? (Necessary conditions for filing an expropriation lawsuit)


Possession of immovable property by different people is a common occurrence that often causes a person to go to court to remove his property from the possession of others. Usually, in order to file a complaint for this problem, you must file an Expropriation lawsuit. Expropriation is one of the financial lawsuits in which a person […]

Terms of contract termination by lessor and lessee

Termination of Contract

Like any other contract, the lease contract also has certain conditions, and when the lessor or the tenant do not follow these conditions, the question of termination of the lease contract arises. The termination of the lease can be brought up by both the lessor and the lessee for various reasons. In this article, we […]

20 rules of apartment living that you must follow!

Today’s apartment living rules are one of the issues that education should be taken seriously. With the expansion of urban life, most people live in apartments, and therefore it is necessary to be familiar with things such as the law of ownership of apartments and the rights of apartment dwellers. In this article, we have […]

Types of Property lawsuits and the role of a real estate lawyer in solving them

دعاوی ملکی

The high value of real estate in Iran has caused huge investment in this sector. Unfortunately, the lack of expertise in real estate buying and selling has led to real Property lawsuits; which often constitute court cases. In recent years, most people have lost their assets, including housing, due to carelessness and ignorance, and as […]