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The right to broadcast television in Iranian football

The right to broadcast football

Football is one of the biggest pastimes of today and has attracted many fans all over the world; But in recent years, this sport has become a kind of industry. Today, football has caused the economic growth and development of many countries, including England, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, etc. Holding high-quality leagues as well as […]

FIFA regulations on women’s right to enter stadiums

حق ورود زنان به استادیوم

With continuous pressure from FIFA regarding the women’s right to enter stadiums, finally on the 18th of Mehr 1398 (October 10, 2019), on the day of the match between the national teams of Iran and Cambodia, Iranian women were allowed to attend Azadi Stadium as spectators after forty years. After the presence of women in […]

The issue of women entering stadiums from the point of view of jurisprudence and law

ورود زنان به ورزشگاه‌ها

The women entering stadiums is a category that, along with the progress of the age of communication and the development of new technologies, as well as the ever-increasing expansion of international interactions and social communication, is one of the emerging demands that has been the subject of discussion and comments by many experts and officials […]

Disputes and lawsuits in the field of football

دعاوی حوزه فوتبال

One of the most popular and influential phenomena in today’s society is football. In the early years of the emergence of football, this sport did not have a special structure and rules, but had a fun feature and filled people’s free time. Over time, this arena, like many other arenas in the modern world, went […]

Application of artificial intelligence in legal institutions of Iran

هوش مصنوعی در حقوق

We start the discussion regarding the above topic with a question. Has the progress in science reached a point where man has been able to produce something that exhibits some human-like abilities? It seems that with the production of artificial intelligence technology, the answer to this question is positive. The next question is what is […]

The phenomenon of vandalism in Iranian football and its criminal law

پدیده وندالیسم

In today’s world, sports stadiums usually host one of the most crowded human gatherings. The presence of fans in sports competitions, including football, has negative consequences in addition to its positive effects. The phenomenon of vandalism is one of the negative functions of the presence of spectators in stadiums. In the field of football, due […]

Digital currency crimes and its criminal law

جرایم ارزهای دیجیتالی

Since the formation of the first human societies until now, money has always been used as the main means of exchange and transactions. The course of the development of money in human history was that it started with commodity money and continued until the production of metal coins, the formation of paper bills (backed by […]

Feasibility of changing the name of the clubs after transferring their ownership

تغییر نام باشگاه‌ ها پس از انتقال مالکیت

The phenomenon of buying and selling sports clubs and changing the name of clubs after the transfer of their ownership, especially football clubs, has grown increasingly in recent years; But this is not unprecedented in Iranian football and has been prevalent in recent years. For the first time in 1366, an advertisement was published in […]

Stock market lawsuits and their handling authorities

دعاوی بورسی

In the previous articles of Dadista Law Institute about legal disputes in the stock market and over-the-counter, it was briefly mentioned that stock market disputes and lawsuits are divided into three categories, one of which is stock market crimes. In this article, we try to investigate this category of crimes. What factors cause Stock market […]