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The crime of not Cancellation of the deceased’s birth certificate

Cancellation of birth certificate

Are you familiar with the crime of not revoking the deceased’s birth certificate? When a person dies, his relatives and heirs must legally cancel the birth certificate and identity documents of the deceased person. According to the law, only one person can use a birth certificate, and upon his death, this very important document becomes […]

What is a fisherman’s check and how can it be returned?

In the past, most people used ordinary and unsecured checks to transfer money to different people’s accounts. Unfortunately, numerous frauds and non-passing of drawn checks caused many people to face huge financial losses. This issue has caused the government to take action to issue a fisherman’s check. This type of check has been popular in […]

Duties and powers of the National Inspection Organization

Duties of inspection organization

Article 174 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in order to monitor the smooth running of affairs and the correct implementation of laws in administrative bodies, provided for an organization called the “National Inspection Organization”. Based on the above principle, this organization is formed under the supervision of the head of the […]

Disputes and lawsuits in the field of stock exchange and over-the-counter

Lawsuits of the stock market

In the past, people had to keep their cash capital with them; Because there was no trusted organization and institution capable of accepting people’s capital and generating profit from them. While today there are many organizations and institutions that each person can invest in and share in their profits depending on their wealth. One of […]

The correct way to writing a contract

writing a contract

Contract regulation has a very important impact on commercial and non-commercial activities. This is why the preparation of specialized contracts should always be done under the supervision of experts such as lawyers. The arrangement of contracts should be done according to the conditions of each person. What is a contract? According to Article 183 of […]

Seizure of the property of the spouse to demand dowry

demand for dowry

A woman has two ways to demand for dowry. The first is a dowry request to the family court and the second is a petition to issue a dowry enforcement order to the marriage office where the marriage took place. The purpose of dowry collection is a technical, specialized and precise matter, and it is […]

Is it possible to remove the spouse’s name from the birth certificate?

Remove spouse's name

Many men and women who are divorced are concerned about Remove spouse’s name from their birth certificate and want their birth certificate to be free of ex-spouse’s name, divorce and previous marriage. All the process of marriage and divorce or death of husband or wife, termination of marriage and annulment of marriage must be registered […]

What is the basis of the court decision for the custody of children after divorce?

Custody of children

Custody of children after divorce is one of the important issues that are discussed before and after the separation of couples in court and among themselves. The issue of child custody should be finished before the divorce, and there should be no room for discussion and ambiguity after that. If you’re going through a divorce, […]

The conditions and manner of Absentee divorce

Absentee divorce

Each of us may have heard the term absentee divorce many times and at different times. It is interesting to know that issuing a judgment in absentia is not true only in the case of divorce. According to Article 68 of the Civil Procedure Law, if the people involved in any case are not present […]