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What is the crime of unauthorized listening?

eavesdropping crime

Eavesdropping conversations is considered a crime due to the violation of human rights in Iran and other countries, and the law has set a penalty for it. Due to the fact that today a high percentage of people around the world use new technologies for communication, the number of eavesdropping crimes has increased a lot. […]

What is phishing? | Different types of phishing

In recent years, the use of the Internet and the smart and digital world has increased a lot. So that nowadays the simplest human tasks can be done in a few seconds using the internet and a simple mobile phone; But this digital world, along with the unique possibilities for more well-being, comes with disadvantages […]

What is Article 17 of the Law on Computer Crimes and what is the punishment?

Article 17. Computer crimes

Article 17 of the Computer Crimes Law was approved in 2018 in order to fight against cyberspace crimes. According to this law, anyone publishes or makes available to others through computer or telecommunication systems audio or images or private or family videos or other secrets without his consent except in legal cases, in a way […]

Types of cyber crimes in Iran

جرایم رایانه ای

With the advancement of technology, the occurrence of various types of computer crimes has expanded in Iran. This caused a law called the Computer Crimes Law to be enacted. If you are not familiar with the types of computer crimes and are unaware of the punishments for such crimes, it is recommended that you stay […]

Who is a digital currency lawyer and what are his duties?

With the increasing number of computer crimes, you may have heard the word digital currency many times. Before we examine the duties of a digital currency lawyer, we must examine what digital currency is and why and how fraud in this field is increasing day by day? What is digital currency? Digital currency is a […]

The crime of hacking and the punishment of hackers in Iran’s criminal law

Hacking crime

The expansion of the Internet world and progress in the field of virtual space has been the solution to many problems of the modern man. But at the same time, it has also brought problems and troubles and has become the basis for committing some emerging crimes such as Hacking crime. “Hack” is one of […]

Gambling and computer betting and its punishment in Iranian criminal law

Computer betting

The ever-increasing progress of the world of technology and the Internet, along with the many benefits and positive effects it has in human life, has also caused disadvantages and harms. Many of these disadvantages and problems have appeared in the criminal laws of countries in the form of computer crimes. One of the behaviors that […]